On Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 14:00 pm the audience at Rab Psychiatric Hospital will have the privilege and pleasure of hearing two exceptional presentations about the amazing land of China. The speakers are prof. dr. Simonić, former Ambassador to China and former Dean of the School of Medicine in Rijeka and Mrs. Rita Zhao, (among many other things) a journalist, a writer, a lecturer, an internationally known photographer.

There will be two presentations:
Professor Dr. Ante Simonić - "China as a meeting place of the past, and the future"
With the help of photographs one of the oldest but also the most modern countries in the world will be presented: China. Professor Ante Simonić worked as Croatian ambassador to China for five years during which he gained interesing experience of China and the Chinese people. This lecture will provide listeners with a number of important data and bring new incentives. 

Prof. Rita Zhao - "Asia: a view from the air, the land and under the sea" 
In this multimedia presentation Professor Rita Zhao, an internationally known journalist and artist, will offer a closer look to the beauty and fascinating culture of the Asian countries. Prof. Zhao will display her own pictures from the land and from the sea. 

The lectures are intended for the general public and will be held in Croatian and English languages.

The rich experience and the creativity of the speakers guarantee one hour of beauty, wonder and amazement... If you wish to learn more about the speakers, you can read about Prof. Simonić here, and about Prof. Zhao here.

We look forward to seeing you!


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